An Open Letter to “So Called Christians!”

The saddest part of the 2016 Election — is not that the most qualified person didn’t win the confidence of the Electoral College, but that “so-called Christians” were behind the loss. They forgot one very important lesson about Jesus — He loves all unconditionally — and He lived life here on earth, according to how His father wanted Him to live and then told us — who truly follow Him, to do the same — live according to The Word and His command — Love Him and Love Others. The following is a partial excerpt from my blog on Wordpress titled, Understanding Choice and Choosing!

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From the beginning–in the Garden of Eden–God has given us choice–He provides us with instruction, but He does not make choices for us. With the right to choose-we also endure the consequences of our actions. There is always an equal reaction for every action so we can choose to do good and receive good or we can choose to do wrong and receive the consequences for it.

Once again, I reject the notion that God chose Donald J. Trump to be president of this great as some have erroneously claimed and the proof–the foundation for my rejection–is coming to the surface and will expose all those who lied to put him in a position of leadership–when his past and current actions–informed all who had discerning spirits–those who heard Holy Spirit–from the beginning.

Let me be clear on this point! With the vast majority of true Believers–those who love The Lord and live according to His Word–there had to have been at least one person–God would have chosen to lead a great nation. God’s choice would have a been person whose heart belonged to Him, not a person who lies about everything, including the lies. But then that’s what a pathological liar does–they think everything they say is true and don’t recognize they are lying. The lying alone should have alerted–Holy Spirit believers to turn away from such a person, since we know God hates liars! But since there are those in the “Christian Community” who forged ahead, promoting the notion that God is somehow opposed to His Own Word–we now have to deal with the Blatant-Liar-in-Chief (for the moment).

Whether people believe what I’ve just stated is not really a matter of concern for me. I know what God says in His Word and I know–He will never encourage anyone who belongs to Him to live in opposition to His Word.

But getting back to those who promoted Trump as God’s choice and pushed congregations to vote for him, I have a few questions: Did people know they were voting for the entire family–the adult children to run the White House? Did people know that his cabinet picks would be some of the most vile people who ever walked the earth? Did people know that instead of draining the swamp, he’d fill it with scum from the bottom of the swamp who are only interested in demolishing the government? Did they know? Were they told?

Jesus told us, “by our love for one another would others recognize us–belonging to Him.” Does anyone see in love coming forth from any of the “religious sect-headed for the White House?” I see greed and cronyism abounding as all determine how they can destroy lives fo many, and help only themselves and their immediate families.

Wake up America! There is no reason for God to oppose Himself and He most certainly did not “choose” Trump–those who want to control others–chose Trump and they lied to everyone else to insure they voted for him–gullible people chose Trump, not God. The proof–is evident for everyone not wearing blinders!

Today, the Patriot News Daily, had the following to say about 100 Evangelical Leaders and an ad they’re planning to run in the Washington Post.

“As Christian pastors and leaders, we are deeply concerned by the recently announced moratorium on refugee resettlement,” the ad says. “As Christians, we have a historic call expressed over two thousand years, to serve the suffering. We cannot abandon this call now.

“While we are eager to welcome persecuted Christians, we also welcome vulnerable Muslims and people of other faiths or no faith at all,” the open letter continues. “This executive order dramatically reduces the overall number of refugees allowed this year, robbing families of hope and a future. And it could well cost them their lives.”

In the ad, the religious leaders say that while they respect the White House’s right to guard the nation’s security, there is room for “compassion and security” to coexist. (Part of the problem with this is “they are religious” not Christian-my thoughts.)

“For the persecuted and suffering,” they write, “every day matters.”

But then — the “patriots” disagree:

While we respect these religious leaders and their right to air their opinions, we have to disagree with their premise. It is true that compassion and security can coexist — but only if we have the proper security measures in place. There is nothing that compels us to take care of the world’s suffering people if it means subjecting our citizens to death and dismemberment.

You wouldn’t know it from watching the mainstream media, so let’s all repeat it together: This. Ban. Is. Temporary.

In the meantime, let’s let the president do his job. He has insight into the dangers that threaten this nation, and he is carrying forth the will of the people who elected him. If his temporary moratorium on immigration from seven dangerous countries and his 120-ban on refugee resettlement can prevent even one terrorist attack, it will have been worth it.

The emphasis is mine, not theirs, but I need to highlight the words of the “base supporters” for #45. They tend to forget a couple of things:

First — 45 has no insight into the dangers that threaten America or he never would have run for president. He is the most unqualified person to ever sit in the White House and he’s only there because of the Russian hacking of the DNC, Wikileaks encouragement to release emails to distract, and the Trump Team’s ability to “gaslight” the low-educated and ill-informed.

His base supporters were duped into hating Hillary with the promotion of lies and false propaganda, and the ill-informed — allowed their emotions to dictate rather than common sense. And of course, we cannot forget the role of the “so-called Christians” in leading this group astray.

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Secondly, the will of people is not being honored since the Electoral College overlooked “the will of people” by almost 3 million votes. Perhaps, a graphic helps to explain to those who don’t like reading.

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There is no justification for the continuing propaganda promoted that “the people” voted for Trump and he’s simply fulfilling the desires of the people. Not true — especially when we can see from the graphic, only 19% of the population voted for him. That’s not the will of the people — it’s the will of the flawed system that allowed him to run in the first place.

Not only are the “so-called Christians” expressing some remorse over supporting him, but there are a number of people who are expressing regret over voting for him. His actions in the White House have finally convinced them, they made a mistake.

For those who keeping saying, “Just give him a chance and work with him,” I’d like to know what I’m giving him a chance to do.

  • I’m not going to work with him to deny women basic rights to healthcare and the their ability to make choices for themselves.
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If I haven’ t made myself clear up this point — let me try a little harder because I don’t want anyone to misunderstand what I’m saying.

I do not like #45

I do not like the fact he lies

I do not like his cronyism,

I do not like his pessimism,

About America or Americans.

I do not like any of his ways,

I do not like anything he says,

I do not like his Twitter rants,

I do not like wannabe tyrants,

Who want to control America.

I do not like tax payers paying his bills,

I do not like Congress members on the hill,

Who are more afraid of him, than the voters.

Until he is impeached or tried for treason,

His very presence in the White House is reason

For every American to Resist and persist,

Until he finally stops lying and desists,

Removing himself and family from America.

I will not respect #45

I cannot accept all his lies.

About not having Russian ties,

And connections with Putin.

I want to see those tax returns,

His businesses in a blind trust,

When he refuses to comply,

Impeachment is a must.

I hope my feelings are clear enough — I wouldn’t want anyone confused — especially not those “so called Christians” who are responsible for the mess we now see in the White House, all across the country, and the world is laughing, while we try to sort it all out and fix it. I think 2018 — will tell the tale better and I know I’m on the right side of history in resisting and opposing all the foolishness that comes from the Illiterate One — who doesn’t have a clue.

And this was my response to Cory Gardner who proclaims that we who protest are nothing more than “anarchists, thugs and paid protesters.”

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I’m not a “so-called Christian.” I believe everything I am told to do in God’s Word; I just wish all those “republicans who claim to be the family values party were more like Christ than any of us have seen. I live The Word and I will protect the rights of the poor and the needy, just as I am commanded to do by God, not man.

When and if those “so called Christians” read this, I hope they understand and will repent, and work to change things so every American is treated like a human being — so there will be justice and liberty for all.

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