And a better question is, how dumb can his supporters be? They see truth, yet are blinded; they hear truth but turn deaf ears to it, and yet speak the same lies promoted by the overaged-tantrum-throwing-toddler, who is a narcissistic megalomanic, a draft-dodging-drone-disaster-twitter-in-chief in charge of our military might. I think this may be a case of “dumb and dumber” and perhaps, “dumbest” with Main Stream Media reporting all the dumb stuff instead of getting down to the real nitty gritty of his Russian ties and debts and in reporting — factually — all the evidence that proves his presidency is indeed — ill-legitimate and never should have been.

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Unfolding life perspectives as an educator, wife, mother, grandmother, next president and preacher in all I write. Believe Him! DC--

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