I Am The Resistance

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No matter what happens in the coming months — as long as there is a tyrant in the White House, I will not give up or give in; I will resist until time is no more or at least until the questions I have, are answered.

When it comes to the current residents in the White House there are always more questions than answers — about all of them. But I’ll try to keep my questions relevant to the scandal-at-hand perpetuated by the White House frauds. Yes, I called them frauds because I don’t believe anyone there is a legitimate resident. Their legitimacy is questionable because of how they arrived and with whose help they gained entry.

Yeah, yeah, I know — others have the same questions, but I thought if I put another perspective out (to join the others) someone just might come up with some rational answers — although rational is a term one would never use in connection to the “alternative facts” already employed by the fraudulent.

I’m curious about so many things and I’m sure I’ll never get the answers which is why I’ll never give in and accept the current presidency.

Why wouldn’t he provide his tax returns as every other president has done? Does he have something to hide — business connections or the fact that he lied about his net value?

Since he has no experience whatsoever as a leader in any type of official capacity (he can be a dictator over his own business), why on earth did he think he had what it takes to govern America?

Why did all the republicans who professed disdain for him in May 2016, suddenly change their tune after meeting with tRump? Did he inform the GOP that he had the winning combination for all with Russian’s hacking and Wikileaks and they concluded — all’s fair in a hacked election?

It would appear that was the case since Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell were both adamantly opposed to supporting him as the Republican nominee, but suddenly — I can only imagine when the light bulb flashed about having a totally run republican government — they caved. I would also guess that everything that has come to the surface thus far was already known by the complicit republicans.

Is that why they pushed through tRump’s nominees for cabinet positions without taking the time to earnestly vet them or even giving other members of the Senate opportunity to question them more thoroughly than they did?

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Considering all the Russian connections with Tillerson, Flynn, Page, Manafort, Sessions and only God knows who else — how on earth would anyone in their right mind disbelieve the ultimate connection between Putin and tRump? We know his sons have bragged about the amount of money pouring in from Russia; we know Ivanka vacations with Putin’s lover, and now — what else don’t we know about the family ties with Russia?

Backtracking a bit — why didn’t the media do a better job of calling out all the surrogates and their lies for tRump — before the election? Were they also complicit in the debacle that followed — an election upset (in more ways than one)?

Why is it that Rudy Giuliani and Kellyanne Conway were so certain they were going to win (as they proclaimed in interviews)? Is it because they were also complicit in the unfolding events? And Bannon — the hunchback of tRump lies and conspiracies, was he the architect of the deceit and lies or just going along for the ride so he could control? And what does he have on tRump that he’s controlling everything he says or does? At what point during the campaign did tRump pass along communications to Putin and make promises through those who have now been exposed?

Why isn’t tRump speak to the media about his conspiracy theory regarding wire-tapping and Obama doing ? Does Alex Jones or Sean Hannity have him hypnotized into doing stupid and all he needs is to hear their voice for the hypnosis to be triggered? I’m trying to give him the benefit of the doubt since I find it difficult to believe that any one person could be so stupid.

That’s not to say that many people could be stupid as we have witnessed from those who voted for him. The gullible — I call them — believed the lies of the pathological liar — all because of their hatred for another human being or should I say — two — Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

And now the lies are about to come home to roost — making a loud screeching noise — enough to wake up the world — who is already puzzled by our electorate and is laughing their butts off at our inanity. It’s so bad that other countries are offering Americans asylum — we’re now the refugees!

The media isolation — how is it that Tillerson doesn’t want the press to know where he’s going or who he’s meeting? Is it Russia, Russia, Russia? Don’t they know — all these complicit people — the more they try to hide, the more investigative journalists and people like me will dig and draw conclusions on our own — even if they’re inaccurate?

I could go on and on about the healthcare fiasco — or at least it will be a bigger disaster than the ACA ever was, but since I’m going to be adding to this outburst, I’ll come back to that later. Right now, I just want to offer my own conspiracy theory — and right or wrong — I’m betting I’m closer than many others.

In the beginning — somewhere along the way during one of his many trips to Russia, tRump met with Putin and in the process, his ignorance intrigued Putin and so Putin decided to put it to the test. He either allowed tRump to get into his financial debt or arranged to find him in a compromising position about five years ago or more. At any rate, tRump is now indebted to Putin and it has been known for years that he hated Barack Obama. He finally found a way to get back at Obama and screw America even more than he already by not paying taxes.

He decides to run for president — and using every foul, degenerate method known to him at the time, demolished his competition by other republicans. As soon as he wins the primary, he negotiates with the republican establishment and convinces them all will be well and he even said during the entire campaign that those who balked would eventually fall into place and they did. Why did they fall into place? Greed for power and hatred and opportunity to “undo” everything Obama had accomplished were the motivating forces and they knew, given all the information provided to them — they would all win.

Of course there was one obstacle — Hillary Clinton — and so now, not only did they have the Russians hacking into the DNC — with Wikileaks distributing — to distract and humiliate, but they also had one ace up their sleeve which Giuliani told us about — Director James Comey. He played his hand well — just to make sure — Hillary wouldn’t win. Bogus reports of a potential damaging emails came forth (regarding another separate investigation) and two days before the election — we’re told — “there was nothing there.” Yes, there was. Since Giuliani was Comey’s former boss, I’m sure he easily persuaded or blackmailed (knowing what I know about their mafia mentality) Comey to wreck any chance she might have had in winning the election by causing people to doubt her. It worked! And now we have the greatest buffoon ever known, trying to be “presidential” when he doesn’t even know what the word means. We went from having the most qualified person for president in the running to the least qualified — winning the hacked election — making him — the illegitimatepresident — when karma bites — it stings!

Though there are many other “supposed reasons” that Hillary lost the election, we know the most important one was — the complicity elicited and enacted by the enablers and the enabled. How important the role of the uneducated and ill-informed played remains to be seen for the long haul, but we know — those in the electoral college were complicit in the end results as well.

One thing we know for sure — tRump’s insecurities will keep him awake and tweeting since paranoia reigns in his head and sooner or later — the boogie man will reveal all of his secrets — no matter how many people he fires!

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