Doing It Makes It So!

Mary Hall-Rayford
4 min readAug 14, 2021

There’s work, then there’s work, then there’s work!

Anything involving “doing something” whether it’s paid or not, is usually considered work, even when we enjoy what we do. Some people work for that almighty dollar, some people work for the sheer satisfaction of accomplishing something, and some work to make sure others have what they need, and their pay — gratitude for being able to help. It takes all kinds to make the world a better place and whatever the work is, when we do it with a grateful heart — for the paycheck or the thanks, the work makes a difference.

For many people, having access to a paycheck is just a job, not a career, and however they can work things to get that paycheck, they do it. That doesn’t mean that every paycheck is not appreciated. They are, but when a person can get paid for doing the work they want to do and enjoy, that’s a double benefit. For instance, people-oriented people, those who love being around people and serving others, will often pursue jobs or careers in which they can work for that paycheck — expecting pay upon the scheduled time, but they get paid every day when they show others kindness and it’s returned, 100-fold to them.

If we look at the role of persons serving others in fast-food venues, or retail or supermarkets, their paycheck is the goal of the week and some, I’ve met them, are very personable because they enjoy their job. This is also true of most service-oriented jobs. Bus drivers, cab drivers, Uber drivers, flight attendants, anyone working in a position where service is key to building a business and long-lasting relationships with those who are serving and being served.

For those who don’t understand what a teacher does, let me explain it from a teacher’s perspective. Most of us, entered the field of educating students because of our own love of learning and in our hopes of encouraging others to excel in their learning, no matter what path they choose. Teaching, at any grade level in public school, private school, charter school, or college is work and we do want to be paid what we’re worth, but I don’t know of any teacher who got into the field, thinking they would ever be rich. In fact, statistically, teachers are the least paid professionals in America, though they are responsible for teaching all others to become the professionals they want to be…

Mary Hall-Rayford

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