Fools, Cowards, Guns, and Dead Children!

Seriously, how many times do we need to hear about children being shot and killed by fools with guns? This is not about gun-control or second amendment rights; this is about the rights of children being allowed to live — for more than the three, four, five, and nine years some only get to live.

I hate hearing about anyone being killed — by any means — but the most senseless acts by cowards are those who pull out a gun with innocent children around and killing them. Personally, anyone who has to pull a gun on anyone because of a disagreement is a coward. Yes, I said it— for all those cowards out there who lack the ability to communicate with language or are inept at understanding not everyone has to agree with them, they need to learn how to disagree, agreeably without someone losing their life over the petty and trivial disagreements.

However, it’s not just those who are killing kids who have a problem. The parents of those kids who invite danger into their homes are equally responsible. Now, I know most would say no one invites danger into their homes, but I would disagree — without pulling out a gun — to make my position clear.

Parents — and other adults — invite danger into homes or immediate environments when they choose to live within the confines of illegal and immoral activities. They know — selling drugs and the deal goes bad — Bang! Bang! The house gets shot up and anyone on the premises is at risk. When people get into gambling disputes over dice or cards and children are around — here we go again — no one is paying attention to the children because pride rises and egos flare and no one likes to be punked. So out come the guns and Bang! Another child is dead.

Then there are the pyromaniac cowards —these are the ones who will not only shoot someone, but will set fire to a car or house to cover their tracks — COWARDS! They may be bad enough to commit the crime, but not bad enough to face the consequences. Sooner or later — someone is going to spill the beans and when they get caught, we see their stupid-looking mugshots or videos in court sessions, trying to figure out what happened.

There are many things I don’t understand — I freely admit that — but the most difficult thing for me to understand is why — anyone in their right mind would endanger their children or their own lives — over anything. There’s not a man alive that I’d risk my life over or would endanger my children or grandchildren over. There’s not enough money in the world for me to get involved in a dispute that would endanger anyone I love, including me because I really love me. So, I don’t understand why anyone who claims to love themselves, their children or anyone else would ever get involved in selling drugs, engage in other illegal activities or would be so immature and undisciplined they would put themselves in the line of fire — gunfire or pyromanic — leading to the loss of life.

Then, after the loss of children, the begging of funding to bury them, the crying over situations that could have been avoided if a little common sense had been exercised, we have to do with those with vengeful attitudes — those who are determined to get payback and the killing spree continues since no one involved understands the sanctity of life.

I’m convinced in all the above-named situations that love is never a factor. Parents don’t love their children, they don’t love themselves or anyone else and therefore are incapable of understanding that killing someone — over anything — is a decision made by fools! And apparently, our society has an abundance of fools since we see and hear about someone losing their life over nonsense when they ended up in the line of fire.

I’ll be glad when someone else figures this out and we can stop seeing the reports of children being killed because the adults around them are so darn stupid. For this reason, it’s difficult for me to support entities that want to proclaim, “Black Lives Matter” in protest against law enforcement officers. Police are not the only ones killing kids. Why can’t anyone with a brain start thinking about all childrens’ lives matter and get their act together and stop doing stupid when a child ends up paying the cost?

Until every parent begins to act like a responsible adult and learns to think before they act, we’re going to continue to see the reports of children being killed. As much as I hate to hear it and my heart hurts for the child who never got a chance to experience living, anger overrides the hurt because I’d love to corral all the adults involved and beat some sense into them. I know, I know — beating people after the fact won’t bring a child back to life, but maybe it will make the adults think before it happens again.

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