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“Truth Is Not Truth” (apnews)

Have We Tilted In The Right Direction, Yet?

Today, as I sit listening to the news and contemplating the fate of all Americans in this bizarro world of politics and corruption, I’ve reached the conclusion that the earth must be tilted the wrong way. I mean, how much longer must we endure the antics of those in the White House who think the rest of America (beyond his 35% base) is stupid or illiterate?

I know I’m not the only one thinking these thoughts, but I figure, I might as well add my two cents worth. After all, it’s not going to cost anyone anything to read, agree or disagree — it’s a matter of me wanting to exercise my first amendment rights — rights that are currently being put to the test by the menace in the White House.

Speaking of first amendment rights, it would appear that the Oval Office resident either has not read the Constitution or has not understood how it was explained to him. That much is evident in his quest to find and persecute the person who had the audacity to write an Op Ed about him, anonymously. According to him, it’s a matter of national security. And it could be. Consider the book written by Michael Wolff and then the book written by Omarosa, and the upcoming release by Bob Woodward. Are they not saying the same thing about the Oval Office resident? Is he unfit to hold the office? Does he rant incoherently over the little things he can’t control (like the people around him)? Is he an idiot as they say? If just these three things said about him are true, then the Op Ed is a matter of national security.

They have revealed to the world — confirmation of everything we already knew — the person in the Oval Office is not fit to be in the office, nor is he fit to negotiate with other nations, nor is he fit to make decisions about what our military does and when, nor is he fit to determine who a Supreme Court nominee should be, nor is he fit to be the holder of the nuclear codes. IT IS a matter of national security, but his unfitness in no way diminishes a person’s right to express themselves with or without a revealed authorship. It is a matter of principal that all of us have a right to express ourselves and when the expressed views reveal incompetence, that is not a threat to our national security, the idiot sitting in the Oval Office is a threat to our national security.

Even though trump wants the DOJ (while all the while belittling the AG he chose) to investigate the authorship of the Op Ed on some trumped up allegation of “treason,” most of us see through his shenanigans and know, it’s all about his desire to keep the truth from his base. The reality is — his base could care less what he is or isn’t — he simply embodies their racist ideologies and for that — they’ll forgive him anything. They believe everything that falls from his mouth — to their point where they have burned their shoes in protest of Nike daring to use Colin Kaeperinick as a spokesperson for their new ad. They really believe trump has the right to shape the future of a business based upon his whims and feelings. It’s really too bad one man burned down his house in the process of burning his shoes. I’d given anything to see the expression on his face when he realized (if he realized) burning up shoes already paid for is not a protest against Nike, but a revelation of stupidity.

I understand the earth rotates at an angle, but I’m also beginning to believe that we’re tilted in the wrong direction and someone, some force, somehow, needs to tilt us in the right direction. Americans cannot continue to be this stupid and naive, while their cult leader is headed for tearing down our democracy in favor of his being a dictator. That’s the real problem with all of this — his desire to be a dictator like those he admires — Putin, Kim, and others. I’m guessing — he really didn’t understand what happened to those dictators of yesteryear — how their lives were totally upended and they were left in the history books as the monsters they were. Perhaps, he wants to be known as a monster — oh wait — there are over 400 children still detained by HHS and DHS who think he’s a monster. I’m certain their parents do.

Perhaps, we’ll best remember this nightmare of a presidency as the Monster-Mania era — where everyone in the White House was either a liar or crook or both and they were too stupid to realize we were on to them until it was too late. Oh yeah, soon and very soon, they’ll be exposed for the insidious creatures they are and no amount of egging legislators to change the laws are going to save them — not even the confirmation of a perjurous Supreme Court nominee (and that can be remedied with the right Congress). Yeah, this will be one for the history books, many times over — with all of the indictments and guilty pleas already on the record.

To make sure this ends in harmony with the rest of the world instead of the rest of world hating us, we all need to exercise our right to vote and vote all the corrupt, crooked, lying thieves out of office. We have the power and it’s time that the people took control of our fates, and let the politicians know, we’re not having it! Enough is Enough! So, on 11/6/18, the best thing we can all do to get the earth tilted in the right direction is to vote and vote Blue, no matter who is on the ballot. Are we ready? Make sure everyone is registered, has photo identification and a way to get to the polls if they are not able to vote — absentee. We need everyone working on correcting the madness that must have caused the earth to tilt out of whack. It’s time we put America and the rest of the world, back on track — enhancing the greatness already ours.

This situation is so out of whack, I had to search based upon a quote to find a picture that fit the situation. That’s really sad. There are dozens to choose from, our being tilted to accept wrong as right — according the those in the White House! I’ve said this before, and I’m noticing others saying the same thing — is this a Twilight Zone episode we were all thrown into without scripts and without our consent or knowledge? That would explain things, but I’m ready to get back to reality now — where rules are rules and no one is above the law — not a Supreme Court nominee or the resident of the Oval Office. Time to tilt! Let’s make it happen!

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