With the general election looming before us, there is much to be considered and before I continue — I am not in favor of either presumptive nominee and have threatened to be a “write-in” candidate. However, I must say this has been the most bizarre presidential campaign I’ve witnessed in over 40 years.

First of all, before the primaries ended — candidates dropped out of the race (on the Republican side) and in one state in particular, the presumptive nominee only obtained 39% of the vote. What happened? The names of the other two candidates were still on the ballot and 39% is not even close to drawing a conclusion about the majority who voted.

Secondly, we have a presumptive nominee who apparently hasn’t heard of foot-and-mouth disease since he keeps putting his foot in his mouth — to back-pedal within 24 hours — almost everything he’s ever said.

Then, there’s his attitude about everyone else who is not — a rich white old man with entitlement issues. He has insulted every group of people that is different from him and while he is entitled to his opinion about whatever (and he’s vocalized them repeatedly), he demonstrates a lack of understanding about the make-up of Americans. There are more people in the USA than the frustrated, hate-mongers who make up his followers. And his stance of immigrants — I have to wonder who he would have married had not two of his wives been immigrants.

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Aside from him being his best publicist — is there anyone else out there on the planet who thinks, “he’s a great businessman?” I mean really, the fact that he’s filed bankruptcy four times (and left his creditors holding an “empty” bag) says about a lot about his business acumen. Along with the countless lawsuits (3500 known) against him for not paying what was due others.

He has also stated that, “he pays as little as possible in taxes,” and refuses to release his tax returns. I’m wondering if he understands how government runs (or supposed to run) — dependent upon tax payers contributing to the pool to support: our military, salaries, education, and all the other expenditures (some I will admit we don’t need) paid with tax dollars. His lack of understanding or lack of interest in helping to foot the bill — disqualifies him from sitting in the White House as far as I’m concerned.

Why would anyone in their right mind elect a person (I don’t care who it is) who lies and yet calls everyone else a liar? Is he not capable of seeing himself for who he really is? It has become painfully obvious that when he called the Iowans, “low-educated” and “ill-informed” and he loved them — people either weren’t paying attention or they are blinded by the empty rhetoric spewing from his mouth, further igniting their hatred and frustration.

Now, the most recent claim — not by him, but by a well-known television persona, about his recently being led to Christ. I can imagine — in a room full of evangelical leaders — that he submitted to the ritual, to manipulate those present into thinking he’s a changed man to bolster their support. Well, here’s reason to disbelieve that he has submitted to Christ. We have no evidence!

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We have not seen unconditional love shown towards all people. We have certainly not seen any kindness or patience with others and the only faith he’s demonstrated is faith in himself. More importantly, he has yet to demonstrate any self-control — speaking before thinking or having all the facts. But then, facts don’t seem to matter much to him. He thinks his opinions should be enough to persuade anyone that he’s the best person for the job. I believe his attempt to get religious leaders to believe he knows anything about God is because of the gaffe he made earlier in the year with his reference to, “Two Corinthians.” In spite of his claim that the bible is his favorite book, with his own book being his second favorite, when he opens his mouth, we all know — he doesn’t have a clue about what the bible says or means (corrected/updated 6/28/2016).


Speaking of facts — it would seem that every time he opens his mouth — the political fact-checkers prove him wrong. What’s up with that? Is his campaign team not advising him or is he not listening to them.

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Okay, the other candidate has her own baggage, but at least she is highly qualified to sit in the White House and we know — she’s capable of listening to others (which is what happened regarding some other matters, but people tend to forget that) when they advise her. She understands how government runs, knows the importance of maintaining right relationships with other countries, and for the most part — doesn’t keep putting her foot in her mouth when she speaks. While I don’t agree with all of her policy positions (dictated by the Democrats), I’d rather see her in the position of President of the United States than the one who walks on one foot and speaks with forked tongue.

And yet, I’m still considering a vote for myself — with absolute nothing in my background that qualifies me as a viable candidate for the presidency. But then — I’m not the only one!

I’m praying for wisdom to overflow the election locales in every city in the United States and that the scales that are currently blinding folks to truth will drop from their eyes and dissolve the moment they see their ballot.

Unless someone else is waiting behind the political curtains, our choices are limited and other than me — there is only one viable candidate — Hilary Clinton.

Has anyone checked behind the curtains, yet? We still have time! Hurry!

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