Observations of The Trumpcare Fail

Without giving a great deal of thought to what a “good healthcare plan” should look like, Republicans forged ahead — with a plan that would hurt more people than it helped — except for the rich who stood to save millions. They overlooked the fact that it took at least 13 months for President Obama to deliver a plan — with input from others — to garner a healthcare plan (not without flaws) for the American people. The Republicans foolishly thought they could devise a better plan in less time —and they failed miserably.

One of the key campaign talking points for Trump in the 2016 Election — repeal and replace Obamacare — was the battle cry. Every Republican on the ballot — echoed the same battle cry and after the win (tainted with Russian interference), they tried to keep a promise without understanding all that was needed to get it passed. Trump in his ego-driven fashion — promised he’d repeal and replace Obamacare on “day one.” Here’s a list of the things he said he’d do on “day one:” http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/09/donald-trump-first-day-in-office

Of course, his “day one” has long since gone and the only thing he managed to do on day one — was to register his intent to run for president in 2020 — so he could start amassing campaign contributions. With him — it’s always about money — his using someone else’s money to get what he wants — legally or not. Now, he claims he never said he’d repeal and replace in 64 days — and he’s right (this one time); he said on “day one.”

Speaker Ryan, after the epic failure to unite all Republicans in passing their AHCA — admitted that “for ten years Republicans were the opposition party and it was easy, but now — finding ways to govern by leading — it’s hard.”

Trump — the candidate asked — “How hard could fixing the healthcare issue be?” Not too long ago, he said, “ “Now, I have to tell you, it’s an unbelievably complex subject,” he added. “Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.” (CNN 2/27/17 transcript).

Apparently, everyone who had ever been involved with looking at the healthcare issue for all Americans knew it was complicated and no one had a magic wand to fix it. Obama knew it was complicated; Hillary knew, and now Trump knows. Most of us on the outside — who have never had to address the issue for others — knew it was not going to be an easy fix, but unlike the menace in the White House — we knew it would take cooperation by all parties to get it fixed. All he could talk about (empty rhetoric) was they had a better plan, a beautiful plan, one that would offer more and cost less. We know how that turned out.

Here’s the thing, governing a nation is not the same as being the CEO of a private business. As an educator, I know even though I’ve managed a class load of over 175 students, that experience would never prepare me to do what’s needed in a political arena. For me — that’s just common sense — they are not the same and approaches and methodologies would not be the same. But that’s just the opinion of an outsider — with no political experience — looking at the situation.

Ego-driven decisions will usually have a negative impact and blow back because the driver has not taken into consideration all that needs consideration. That was the reason for the epic fail of Trumpcare on Friday, March 24, 2017. The drivers of the plan had not given consideration to all it involved and in the end, they were defeated by their own party — who they had not consulted or considered in the planning stages.

What will happen now? The future of healthcare for all Americans depends upon who’s talking and really concerned about all Americans. The president blames the Democrats (they never consulted) and says that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer own Obamacare and its impending implosion. Since the Democrats are the minority party and don’t have enough votes to thwart much of anything, this blame of course is the “cowardly way out” of accepting responsibility for the outcome. Trump will never admit being wrong because his ego won’t allow it — just like he’ll never admit — he’s not the “great negotiator” he claims he is in a book he didn’t write, but claims authorship.

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As far as the Democrats are concerned — the failure of Trumpcare goes in their win column — if anyone is keeping count. As far as the millions of Americans who are now insured and have coverage — for pre-exsisting conditions and coverage for college-age students — it’s a win.

Unfortunately, this saga is far from over since there remains in the White House an egomaniac who believes he’s a god and all the world loves him. He’ll have a tweet rant (at some point) and blame everyone under the sun for the failures he’s experienced and never — own his part in the failures. He has not understood yet — since he’s the president (albeit an illegitimate one), the buck stops at his desk — he owns everything that happens as long as he’s in office.

As things to continue to develop under this White House administration, I’ll continue to write, “my observations from the outside.”

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Unfolding life perspectives as an educator, wife, mother, grandmother, next president and preacher in all I write. Believe Him! DC-- mary.hallrayford@gmail.com

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