Open Letter To Alabama Women!

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It’s time for every woman in Alabama — no matter where they live or have lived to make a decision. That decision may save a life, humiliation, or distress and liberate many to have exposed truth about Roy Moore.

Many have asked — both publicly and privately — why the women who have come forth waited so long to air their accusations against Roy Moore. At the time of this writing, seven women have come forward and shared their stories — of unwanted sexual attention or assault by a man almost twice their age. Granted, according to Alabama law, the age of consent is 16, but there are issues even with that. The woman who was 14 years-old at the time of the alleged assault did not consent when Roy Moore acted like a sexual predator on the prowl. There is no excuse for his behavior or for the lies he is now telling, because he’s been exposed.

Even if the law says a 16 year-old can enter into consensual sexual conduct — it must be by her consent — total agreement — and not be construed as consent simply because of her age. If the accusers are not believed because of their age instead of their story, there is a real problem in Alabama that requires a great deal of confession and repentance — since most of the predators and enablers claim to be Christians.

Claiming to be Christians lies at the heart of the matter for me. When older men have known predilections for lusting after young girls, their role in any church environment should be suspect and monitored. Pastors, deacons, trustees and many other men in positions in a church have been notoriously guilty of taking advantage of young girls and even some boys. This is especially true of those in situations where adult women have turned their heads when they see something wrong going on. They refuse to acknowledge their complicity in a situation when some have either been informed of unwanted attention by men in the church or witnessed it for themselves and they brushed it off as — nonsense or innocent flirting.

Because of the attitude of many women who refused to believe their husbands would behave in such a vile manner, they have enabled them to continue defiling and humiliating other young women. Therefore, I strongly urge every woman who has had a child in the presence of Roy Moore to have a sincere discussion with that child whether girl or boy. People in positions of power or authority can instill fear in children that keeps them from speaking out. And some wait long enough for the memories to be totally tamped down and covered over so they won’t have to deal with the emotional trauma. For this reason, years pass and in this current situation — decades have passed, but finally truth has prevailed and some of the women have been set free from holding onto to a painful secret.

Ladies of Alabama — there is nothing so traumatic as a child being abused and not able to tell it for fear something more terrible will happen to them. Please open your hearts and minds and allow these women to know freedom and liberty without being victimized all over again by others who don’t know, but choose to believe a man — with known predatory behavior — over them. They do not deserve ridicule or public shaming or any other form of torture as devised by those who promote and condone predatory behavior. This is not locker room talk; it is not normal behavior for normal men; it is not a post-Jesus moment advocating sexual behavior between much older men and young girls. When older men (White or Black or any other color) prey on females or males, they need to be severely punished and never given a pass for their behavior because those who have suffered from their predatory behavior, live with what happened to them for a lifetime.

Don’t be responsible for any more women having to suffer in silence. Let them know you’re willing to listen, comfort and counsel and commend them for the courage of speaking out about sexual predators.

Women all over the country have a duty to protect those who are vulnerable and to encourage their stance on speaking out against sexual predators and to let the victims know, we stand with them — no matter how long it takes for them to tell their story. We don’t want our sisters, daughters, granddaughters, or nieces to ever be quiet when someone has abused them no matter what the predator may threaten. I often told my daughter when she was younger that if anyone ever told her, “You better not tell anyone,” about anything, that had better be the first thing she tells me.

But don’t get comfortable in your thoughts dear reader if you don’ t have any girls to worry about. Sexual predators abuse boys, too. And the sexual predator is not always a male; females can also be sexual predators and many have been known to abuse young boys, just like they molest girls — for the fun of it because they are so depraved and despicable.

Beware of who is or has been in the presence of your child and warn your children early about predatory behavior and the fact they should never be afraid to tell if someone touches them, threatens them or abuses them in any way.

Thank you for listening and responding with kindness and compassion to the next person who dares to speak up about being abused by a sexual predator in Alabama or elsewhere.


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