Parents Have Power

Mary Hall-Rayford
2 min readNov 22, 2022

Parents have power over any school district in which their children attend a school with their vote. Many don’t know the strength of their power or how to wield it, but in the coming weeks and months, the path for parents to take will be explained here.

Before the journey begins, research how parents have historically, determined how their school districts operate. When parents get involved with the function of a school district, in a positive way, learning improves, and test scores rise. However, if the involvement is construed as negative, everyone suffers, and no one wins.

An example of positive interactions between parents and a school district can lead to improved relationships between students and teachers, and the community in general. When parents get involved in organizations designed to engage others in volunteerism, fundraisers, and selecting the right person to oversee a district, there is less confusion and more productivity. When parents bring issues, they have been unable to resolve with a principal or superintendent, the school board should be informed in a public meeting, and if the issue is not resolved with the school board, legal intervention may be necessary. Parents should have documentation as to everything they have attempted to do to resolve the issue on the local level. When parents unite, they have power, and they should learn how to use.

Not every issue should be a school board issue and that includes subjective opinions about how things are run. If a child doesn’t like a teacher or a principal, for no apparent reason, that is not a school board issue. If there are specific, documented events that have led to this conclusion, that documentation should be reviewed and considered, by a principal or superintendent before bringing the matter before a school board.

Electing a school board that is concerned with the interests of parents and other stakeholders is extremely important and why every voter should “know” who they’re electing to an official entity that determines the ability of success for every student. The school board hires or appoints a superintendent, who will oversee the school district. Parents should be involved in the interview process of all being considered for this position. According to the Open Meetings Act, no superintendent should be hired or appointed without an “open meeting” discussion/interview where the public gets first-hand knowledge of the process. Questions regarding the process, should be directed to the school board.

Unfortunately, when a school board ignores established procedures and don’t involve parents, confusion may result in which no one wins. If a school board does not fulfill their obligations, by state statue, parents can petition for a recall of any school board member or members. This is the Power of The Parents and they should exercise it.

Mary Hall-Rayford

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