There are so many things that occur around us — in front of us — that we miss seeing because of life’s distractions. Many of those things make me wonder if anyone is paying attention.

This morning on my drive down Gratiot in Detroit, I passed by a “Medical Marijuana” Dispensary — at least that’s what it purports to being. A drive-through, no less, sporting a huge green and white sign. A customer — an irate one — was trying to get into the business which had an “open” sign lit in the window, but the doors were locked. Apparently, this customer was anxious to get his fix. He pulled on the door a couple of times and then started pounding on the glass door that everyone could see into — there was no one there — at 7:50 this morning.

Before I left the house, I heard on GMA that Hillary Clinton is promising to find federal dollars to help those with drug addictions, while everyone is trying to justify opening more “medical marijuana” dispensaries. Does anyone see the irony in this? Foolish people voted to legalize marijuana and now a presidential candidate is hoping to find money to help those who become addicted.

Has anyone not heard or believe that marijuana is considered a gateway drug for a number of people? If they heard it, why was it legalized in so many states for medical purposes, and yet now — Detroit is trying to figure out how to contain the spread of dispensaries, even though they know some of them are not licensed to dispense the drug. Has anyone heard about the number of accidents caused by drivers high on marijuana — for medical purposes or not? Did anyone really think legalizing marijuana was a good idea or was it pressure from the drug kings that pushed this through?

In recent years, especially in Detroit — voter turn-out is usually low — unless there is an initiative about marijuana — then there are lines. This was the case in 2008 and in 2012. I wonder why. While I was standing in line in 2008 to cast my vote for President, many were standing there — almost too high to stand straight, but they were there — voting for a change in marijuana laws for Wayne County. I watched them as they swayed and mumbled, glassy-eyed and unkempt, waiting to cast their vote — not for the historical moment of possibly seeing our first Black President, but for the opportunity of getting high without consequences.

Wake Up People! Laws are supposed to be made for the benefit of “all” people, not just some. And inevitably, when foolish laws are made, they infringe upon the rights of those who are law-abiding citizens — careful to consider their actions and how they affect others, while the law-makers — well, they’re just not thinking or paying attention. We know because of all the “talk” about re-thinking all the changes since they forgot to think ahead — and see what destruction would result.

It’s time for everyone to pay attention and think before making arbitrary moves that affect the masses. We must think syllogistically in order to determine the best route to take with all laws. If we make laws that allow legalizing of drugs and other sins without thinking about the consequences, then we do our society a great disservice and lose lives in the process. Is it worth it? We need to pay attention to everything going on around us and see if anything going on around us— makes any sense. If it doesn’t make sense, we need to do something about it. Pay Attention!

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