Politics and Truth — Incompatible?

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A couple of days ago, a colleague asked me (after I told him I was considering running for President in 2020) if I could lie. My immediate response was, “No!” He promptly told me I wouldn’t make it.

I looked at him and said, “I might not, but I’m not going to lie to make it. I don’t have millions, I don’t know anyone in Russia, and have never had any inclination to get involved in politics until now. If wisdom and knowledge won’t help me make it with a sincere care about Everyday Americans won’t get it done, I won’t be President.” He laughed with some others standing by and I can only imagine they thought I was being naïve.

He may be right — perhaps I am a bit naïve about winning an election in which I refuse to lie. That won’t stop me from trying. In fact, it makes me more determined to try. It’s about time someone changed the way we do politics in America and I’m up for the challenge. I don’t think we have to lie to win, spend millions on negative ads, or deliberately smear another person’s reputation to win — if we know how to love.

I’m going to run — and whether I get to the gate or out of it will depend on those who think truth and integrity is a better way for a leader to govern. We are seeing, on a daily basis, what dishonesty does with all the hearings and chaos that exist in the Oval Office right now. I’m not partial to chaos and confusion; I prefer stability and peace.

So, here’s my pledge to any candidacy made by me prior to 2020 election: If I win and the majority of voters think after two years, I’m not doing my job; I’ll step down without all the hoopla involved to push for resignation or impeachment. That’s my pledge to all who support me and you can use this to hold me to it. So keep it handy!

Being willing to step down also means that I’d have to have a running mate who has similar views and interests in the direction this country is taking and in preserving our democracy. Therefore, I encourage anyone reading this to step forward and see what we can accomplish together — without the cloud of tainted political backgrounds or Russian connections or any other foreign connections that would influence decisions we make for America. Being perfect — as a human being — is not a criteria to “run with me,” since none of us are, but being wise, hardworking, honorable and patriotic is. Let me know. I plan to advocate and champion the causes of and for Everyday Americans — I’ll let the lawmakers write the bills and I’ll either sign them in agreement or veto them.

What I don’t know, I’ll find others who do know and put them in positions of authority to make sure our government runs smoothly and efficiently and I guarantee it won’t be based on the donations given because I’m not asking anyone for money. If people donate — don’t expect the dollars to get you a position — we’ve had too much of that as it is.

If this sounds like a naïve approach to winning an election — so be it — I’m not giving into to power plays and pay-to-play politics. Win or lose — I’ll do it without the pressure of corruptive influences, leaning on wisdom imparted from God.

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