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Flaunting Military Igniting and Stoking Fear

I’m an observer of nature to some degree. I like watching squirrels and rabbits and birds at play, whether they’re chasing each other or hopping along the way or flying in formation or just sitting on a phone line, they tend to fascinate me. When I go out for my morning walk, I watch the squirrels scamper if I get too close and watch the bunnies stop and pause as if to see if I’m willing to chase them. The birds, flying high above will sometimes catch some people unaware and drop a little something on their heads — not me, not yet at any rate. This is their behavior when it appears that all is right with the world.

On those days, I’m out for my walk and the silence is deafening — I know something ominous is about to happen. There’s no wind making the leaves rustle in the trees, the clouds don’t move, and no matter how intently I listen, I hear no birds chirping, or hear any squirrels squealing — in fact, there are no squirrels running up a tree or across the sidewalk and no bunnies hiding peeking out from the neighbors hedges. There are no dogs barking as some do when I pass by their houses and long moments pass before a car even goes by. It is that calm before the storm. The animals are wise enough to sense and take cover and it is only the foolish, like me who continue to move forward, doing what I normally do. When the rain comes, it starts as warm droplets on a summer day, but can quickly turn to pelting bullets, drenching us before we can either make it back to our starting point or let up an umbrella.

There’s a storm coming in the United States and I’m not referencing Hurricane Nate. Unlike Nate, who will, when he has left those in his pathway devastated and possibly homeless, move on in time — the storm we’re about to experience will not only wreck lives, but cause chaos across the globe and the devastation will last for decades, not hours. We will not be able to find shelter against this storm and the animals won’t alert us because they won’t care. Their lives — during the initial stages — will remain the same, until the butt of the storm, destroys life.

The maelstrom will begin when Special Council Mueller completes his investigation and the details and outcome are known — for public consumption. Then we must be prepared for the backlash — from trump, Congress, and all those who yet believe trump had nothing to do with the Russian meddling. He knows — he’s already been creating one distraction after the other — all leading up to a possible military action against North Korea, or any other nation — all with Putin pulling the strings and directing the dance of the devil. Once known, either Congress will do their job or they won’t and we’ll finally be rid of the Republican Party for a long season. And trump — will start a war to keep the impeachment process at bay, but the chaos will continue to be an anvil around his neck and he’ll watch himself get caught up in the eye of the storm and be dragged into the abyss of hell — no longer able to lie his way out of the pit.

Oh, we are currently enjoying the calm before the storm, but we must learn to be as wise as the animals and know when to take cover. When the dried, spongy, dripping manure hits the fan, it’ll be flung over everyone within the inner circle to the outer bands of civility and many will suffer from the stench of corruption, treason, and abuse of the constitution. The winds of shame, guilt and regret are upon us, but do we recognize when those winds will change and whip us all into a frenzy like we’ve never seen before and if in fact, that military option happens to be launching a death missile, we’ll never see the frenzy again.

While we’re in the calm — before the storm — before the 2018 election, we must all exercise — with due diligence — every attempt to encourage others to register to vote and then to #VOTEBLUE. We must right now — during the calm — speak out against all the lies some promote regarding any Democrat and stop them in their tracks whenever possible. We must encourage people to listen to credible news sources and not the false propaganda peddled on social media and act with wisdom at all times. We already know, for the moron-in-chief has set the stage with a wink and a smirk — this is the calm before the storm and not a day passes that we don’t see stupid played out to the fullest.

When I go for my walk tomorrow or the next day, I’ll be watching the animals to see how they behave and if the silence is deafening, I’ll know how to react and quickly return home to start a storm of my own — a tweet storm, alerting all who will be inclined to read and retweet — making others aware as well. No matter how many “storms” we face with nature and even madmen with guns, we must believe we can defeat and conquer the madman in the White House before all is lost for all eternity.

Are we ready for the storms that are bound to come our way? I am! And I’ll fight the Kellyanne Conways and Sarah Sanders of the White House for as long as my fingers will function in finding the appropriate keys to tap — letting them know — we’re onto them and we’ll never respect them or the lies they tell to embellish their boss. We’re stronger and smarter than that and when the calm gets noisy, we’ll be ready for that, too.

I am a proud member of The Resistance and even if I was not — I’d still resist the enemy within the White House — TraitorDon who has sold America for election results in his favor. The calm — is quickly slipping away and we must all be ready to do battle in the storm that erupts.

And for all those who love to call Liberals — Snowflakes — I’m in — just remember — what happens when snowflakes gather momentum and force — they become as destructive as any other act of nature and — blizzards — always leave their mark on whatever gets in their way.

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