There Is a Difference Between The Bible and Religion!

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I’m not sure how many people are tired of those who don’t like “religion” to keep equating the bible with religion and then say, “The United States Constitution has nothing to do with religion.” They’re right — the constitution has nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with the bible — like it or not. There are even some — who agree — there are biblical principles involved that have nothing to do with the bible (I’m not sure how they arrived at that conclusion). How can the principles be biblical, but have nothing to do with the bible?

The difference between one’s religion and the bible is a matter of faith, not a book — the record of history that demonstrates God’s intervention with mankind. Since most religions use different books as a foundation for their faith, the only book available at the time was a bible which makes sense since those who came from England were most familiar with it than any other.

I challenge anyone who denies the influence of the bible revealed in the constitution to line up the bible — any good translation — with the constitution and read with understanding, exercising comprehension skills that should have been learned by 4th grade in most public schools.

Of course, there are those who will — deny God’s existence (it’s okay — God knows He exists) and deny that the founding fathers’ used the bible as a foundation for composing the constitution (it’s okay, the founding fathers knew what they were doing). You see, it doesn’t really matter what we acknowledge or deny — our beliefs, thoughts, insights, whatever we want to call it — don’t change the facts.

Now, if we could find someone who was around in 1787 to refute the bible being used as a foundation for the composition of the constitution, that would be different as well as enlightening. But is there such a person available?

Here’s a link that aligns scriptural references to what is written in the constitution. No one has to believe it, but just read all of the references before drawing conclusions — all of it — and then get back with me. I’d love to discuss it. Until then, happy reading.

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