What’s Really Going On in America?

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I’m really tired of all the political nonsense that exists and I can only imagine how others feel. What is particularly annoying to me is that in 2016, there are fringes of people who still do not recognize those who “look” different, or “worship” different as Americans. If we were born in this country, we are Americans. If some choose to become citizens, they are Americans. If we are Americans, then all the rights and responsibilities are ours — regardless of our skin color or religious beliefs. But what is more egregious to me — is the mainstream media — who will not make an issue of “factual” information versus opinion and innuendo when it comes to those who make false accusations while interviewing political candidates — who desire to lead Americans.

It has already been established — that though Hillary Clinton has been investigated — ad nauseum — there has yet to be revealed any evidence of wrong doing by the professional investigators. However, whenever a candidate brings up the allegations — reporters and interviewers don’t bother to shut down the noise and get to the meat of the conversation. When reporters don’t do their job, the public gets a misrepresentation of the truth and there is nothing as glaring about that as the “birther” phenomena.

One of the criteria for anyone running for president in this country is that they must be a citizen of the United States. Not only did President Obama meet that criteria from the outset, but it was not a debatable issue for all the time it has been discussed. If there had been any doubt — from those who vetted him — he wouldn’t have been able to pursue his run for the presidency. So, why — please explain to me and others — why anyone in their right mind would continue to give Trump a platform to keep the attention on him? And why are they still giving him “free political clout” by still paying attention to him? The man is an entertainer and that is what he’s doing — entertaining the masses who support his racism and bigotry simply because he’s the white man who hates the president.

Now, if the media wants to report “facts” about both candidates, let’s start with Trump’s incestuous fantasy about his daughter, Ivanka. Let’s ask the question, why did he feel it necessary to pat her hips down after she introduced him at the Republican National Convention? Why is he making remarks about he’d love to date her if she wasn’t his daughter? Why is it that there are allegations about his raping a 13 year-old girl not getting mainstream media attention? Why is it that an alleged witness — another young girl caught up in his pedophilic excursions — disappeared? Why is it that those who are “now” on his campaign team have dark shadows of questionable pasts and present behaviors? Why is it that no one is asking how is it not a conflict for Trump to use campaign donations to pay himself with the use of his properties for political events? Maybe it’s just me, but it would seem highly questionable for someone to keep raising the rent on their campaign headquarters — when they are the beneficiary of said rent increase. And for the record — if a presidential candidate cannot reveal his tax returns — they should be disqualified from being in the race. Why shouldn’t America know what his finances entail?

Moving a little further with questions about Trump — why is it that — twice — he has alluded to someone “taking out Hillary Clinton” and yet he’s still running for president? The first time was not about “getting votes” as his campaign has claimed because the only way, Hillary or anyone else could appoint Supreme Court Justices would be AFTER an election — not before. And just recently, with his “disarm her protection unit and let’s see what happens to her” remark, another indicator that he’s implying someone should take a shot at her. This is America — a civilized country with laws and where is the outrage about his behavior towards her? And why hasn’t any media outlet — when the Second Amendment is mentioned — stated the fact — that it would require a 2/3 vote by Congress to repeal it and further more — no one is trying to repeal the Second Amendment. But every time common sense gun control measures are mentioned, Trump starts claiming — Clinton wants to take away gun rights and she has never said that — as it pertains to those who lawfully obtain guns.

Had a Black man said the same things that Trump has said, he’d either be locked up or dead by now. Is it that Trump is protected by his money — capable of paying off anyone who gets in his way? We know that’s true with the situation with Pam Bondi and her not pursuing an investigation with Trump University lawsuits in Florida. He has said, for all the world to hear, “I give money to politicians so I can get what I want from them. I donate to them so they will kiss my ass.” Is this the reason there is no equality in America for all Americans — we don’t have enough money to “buy our way” into the White House or other ventures that elevate our status or in being recognized as Americans? Or is it that — once again — media reporting is biased because of ratings?

I have said in other commentaries that in this election, we must put country before party since the Republican party — has been sitting on its thumbs for far too long to make a difference in what’s unfolding now. Likewise, the mainstream media — must put the interests of all Americans ahead of ratings and report all the facts — all the time — about whoever. And if the facts could be reported with the bias — regardless of who it is — CNN, MSNBC or FOX (especially Fox — who always manages to skirt the truth with bias against anyone who is Black), The New York Times, The Washington Post, and others, then perhaps — many of us Americans might respect the media more. As it is — most of us have our doubts that any news media has any integrity at all. The owners and producers are biased and therefore — the public — gets only what they want known in the media.

My vote — as submitted in a commented in the New York Times — is going to Hillary Clinton and not because she’s a woman. I’ve actually listened to her; I’ve researched for myself and have come to appreciate all her years of public service — fighting for the rights of others who had no voice! She is the only qualified person running this race and somehow — her qualifications get left in the shadows of all the innuendo that is seldom denounced by the media when her detractors raise it.

As an American, I do not want to see a resurgence of racism and bigotry in this country. I don’t plan to move if Trump wins, but I will hold the media in great contempt (like they would care) for allowing this circus to get as far as it has. If the Republican Party refuses to denounce or renounce Trump as a viable leader for America (all Americans), the media should stop reporting everything he does, allowing him to pimp them. If a candidate is not willing to pay for their campaign ads, the media should not give them a free pass just because they say or do something stupid or bizarre to garner attention.

While much of the world is laughing at us and thinks we have collectively lost our minds, I would hope the media would act — collectively as they did on Friday and refuse to provide any further “attention” to the clown who loves to entertain them and then make fun of them. For those who might read this and wonder, “Who is Mary Hall-Rayford that anyone should pay attention to her,” let me remind all — I am an American, exercising my constitutional right to express dissatisfaction with the status quo — how things are conducted, hidden and never resolved, by those in control of media who seldom give the average American a venue or platform in which their views are taken seriously.

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