There are so many people seeking attention that they will do anything to make sure others they know they exist. Why? Why is it important for your existence to be known? Why should anyone else care? Is your existence going to make lives better or bitter? Why don’t we think before we do things — beyond the moment and understand that everything we do — has consequences?

Every time I hear someone blasting music driving down the street, shaking windows, distracting others, and making a general nuisance of themselves, I wonder, why? Did it ever occur to them that other people may not enjoy their taste in music or they just so inconsiderate they don’t care and prefer foisting their preference upon others?

Are we loud and obnoxious to prove who we are because in actuality, we don’t know who we are? While it is true that almost every culture can be identified by their behaviors, why must it be true that people assume because we belong to a certain race or ethnic group that we are all the same?

Do we assume things about people before getting to know them because we are so arrogant that we think we’re right about everything? Just because a person is — Black, White, Male, or Female — we cannot make assumptions about anyone because we are all uniquely different and some of us are more considerate of others than most.

Not all Black people are loud and obnoxious, but because so many are, the general assumption is that all are and we looked at as though we don’t belong to the human race. I know — I’ve often been given that look — and then people wonder why I don’t like loud music, use of profanity, illiterate conversations, and foolishness — characteristics most associate with being Black.

Why can’t we display consideration for others? Why can’t we read with comprehension? Why can’t we have a conversation with other people without resorting to using profanity as if it was poured into us? Why can’t we respect authority and abide by rules and policies set in place to maintain order? Why can’t we be honest with ourselves and work on changing us instead of expecting others to change to accommodate us? Why?

While I cannot say I have all the answers to the questions I’ve raised, I can say with confidence that most of the obnoxious, inconsiderate, arrogant behavior we see displayed by others is because of their insecurities — they don’t know who they are and feel they have something to prove to others.

Here’s a quest — why not prove we can be a considerate human being, mindful of the fact that we don’t live on this planet alone and not everyone cares for our taste in music — so let’s keep it down!

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Unfolding life perspectives as an educator, wife, mother, grandmother, next president and preacher in all I write. Believe Him! DC--

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