Will GOP Leadership Uphold Their Oath of Office?

For months we’ve watched the erosion of any semblance of sanctity in the Oval Office by the current resident in the White House. He has lied repeatedly and histrionically about President Obama and others — everyone who disagrees with him. If lying is not an impeachable offense, it should be — since it causes all sorts of issues with credibility of our leadership and erodes our democracy.

What will it take for the Republican leadership to do their jobs? They must stop justifying trump’s ineptness by waving it off as being a novice. He supposedly has advisers around him to help him navigate the path of governing, but if they don’t know what to do, that’s his fault and Americans shouldn’t be penalized for their incompetence. It would appear that he’s put into place every conceivable unqualified person in the country, in positions of authority. I’m sure with Bannon’s insistence — he’s guaranteed the destruction of the country when every agency and entity is demolished and Putin can step in, laughing at how easy it was to destroy America.

It’s time to call a lie a lie and a liar a liar and to impose sanctions (if no impeachment is warranted) to keep him from appointing more inept, incompetent people to positions in which they will simply be “talking heads” parroting the party agenda, without regard to the consequences of their actions. This is not a campaign to run for president in 2020 (although trump acts like it is), this is about surviving the next few months if in fact, we can avoid a war that we won’t win.

I understand part of the problem — GOP leadership — Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and others benefited from the Russian hacking and interference in the 2016 election and in fact, have their own Russian connections and ties with Russian money to hide. Perhaps, that’s the real reason they won’t do their jobs — fear of exposure by an angry trump. But here’s the irony of the situation — trump has lied so much and so often, not many would believe him even if he was telling the truth. It’s really too bad trump never understood the premise of, “the boy who cried wolf” and then again, I wonder if anyone ever read it to him. I’ve sent him links on more than one occasion via Twitter. Guess he wasn’t interested.

Now, we are at another intersection in history with the admission from trump that he never had “tapes” of conversations with James Comey, even though he alluded to the idea that he did. Since most professionals are now viewing his misleading claim that he did as witness intimidation, all of his surrogates are now parroting the talking points that he never said he had tapes, but that “Comey better hope there weren’t any.”

We also have corroboration of Comey’s testimony about trump attempting to convince him to drop the investigation into Michael Flynn’s role in Russian connection and his role in trump’s transition team and subsequent appoint as the National Security Administrator. From DNI and NSA leadership, trump did suggest to them they should publicly acknowledge he was not under investigation. What most people (based on what I’ve read on various platforms) seem to miss is that when Comey told trump (three times) that he was the target of an investigation, it was true — at that time. Comey never implied that trump wouldn’t be under investigation because the investigation had not been closed.

Well, because of all the drama and sensationalism trump ignited with his tweets — he is now — unequivocally — under investigation for obstruction of justice and possible witness intimidation. It’s the domino effect that could have been avoided if the inept, twitter-in-chief were more mature and responsible. He’s not and at 71 years-old, he won’t be and everyone should stop making excuses for him and remove him from office for the good of America.

Let’s consider all the violations and pending lawsuits: violations of the emoluments clause in the constitution, violations of the nepotism clause in the constitution, providing the enemy with aid when sharing classified information to the Russian diplomats, attempting to start a war without Congressional approval, lying about everything he does or has done to appease his base, deliberating creating a burden on the tax system with his reckless use of taxpayer dollars with incurred costs at his properties. There is so much more, but just listing them won’t change much.

If the GOP leadership will not uphold their oath of office, they all need to confess their complicity, repent and resign.

Now, it’s time for all the GOP in leadership in Congress to prove they are patriots — loyal to the country, not the president!




Unfolding life perspectives as an educator, wife, mother, grandmother, political activist and community advocate- mary.hallrayford@gmail.com

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Mary Hall-Rayford

Mary Hall-Rayford

Unfolding life perspectives as an educator, wife, mother, grandmother, political activist and community advocate- mary.hallrayford@gmail.com

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